Workshops methodology

The pre-forum workshops will deal with five main themes specially significant for Africa but having also an international dimension. Each of these five workshops will be organised by five different organisations within the Ignatian Family (JRS, AJAN, CLC/CEPAS/CEFOD, HIPSIR, and IJND). The workshops will run co-currently and the presentations will be carried out under four main guiding principles:

  1. The workshop (and the theme under discussion) needs to have a contextual setting, that is, developing from concrete experiences;
  2. A reflection on the Ignatian spirituality or the set of human values grounding this experience needs to be integrated in the workshop;
  3. The workshop should seek better ways of providing an Ignatian response to these issues through a more coordinated networking;
  4. In designing the workshop, attention should be given to the fact that the workshop provides the group an opportunity to prepare their input (intervention) in the joint Workshop/Seminar to be organised by the Ignatian Family at the WSF. On the basis of the reflections of the five workshops, this joint effort would attempt to reflect in public on the cross-cutting Ignatian spirituality for social action.

Each workshop will :

  • enjoy a certain autonomy to design the sessions and plan the way in which the theme will be dealt with. The workshops may consider the Ignatian theme of each day in the development of their themes;
  • prepare each day, at the afternoon plenary, a visual presentation of the work done.


The Pre-Forum Encounter will be guided by a Steering Committee (SC). In the afternoon of the third day, following a simple methodology of common discernment, the SC will suggest a methodology for discerning, first within the workshop-groups and then at the plenary, on the most pressing concerns for the Ignatian family in Africa and the world. This process may lead to adopting a few strategic choices in our common apostolic endeavours.


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